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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Murez with a Camel?


Robin Murez and her creative wand are at it again. Check out 600 Main Street between Google and Dogtown. Yes, she is spilling out of Abbot Kinney.

This time it is a topiary of a camel with a male and female aboard. There is a ring leader in front, complete with mustache, and a boy and girl following in the rear.

It is hard to catch the magnitude of this thought interruption as one is driving down Main Street and suddenly sees a see-though camel with see-through friends. One immediately thinks, did I really? A few seconds later, and maybe a second time around, flashes of Robin Murez appear. And sure enough, it is Robin at it again.

Photos and sight imagery are a little “blurred” because the see-though figures take on the background of what is there. When the vines grow, the figures will take on the magnitude Robin envisioned … a camel in Venice.

True to form, Robin is giving us all another touch of the history of Venice. It seems that when Abbot Kinney envisioned Venice USA, he saw Venice, Italy and the Canals, the architecture, etc. but he also wanted it to be fun and an attraction.

Robin on her Venicepublicart.com website says this about Venice: “It as a mash up of Venice, Italy Coney Island; with canals, Italian architecture, poets, musicians, artists, a miniature train, wild roller coasters, grand dance halls, huge salt water swimming pools, colorful carousels, exotic attractions … and live Camel Rides.”

Windward Avenue, Venice, CA 1905

Next week will be “What is in Windward Circle?”

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