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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Ice Rink Coming

ice skating rink

Install seasonal ice skating venue in Windward Plaza Park between Ocean front Walk and Venice Beach. Venue will be comprised of ice rink, boards, two equipment tents, two modular skate rental and office units, and two temporary 16-foot high light and sound towers, all atop a temporary subfloor and deck structure approximatgely three-feet above grade, 160-fee wide, and 66-feet deep. Venue is proposed to be installed, operated, and removed between November and January annually. Install permanent approximately seven-foot high electric switchboard rated at 1200 amps in the vicinity of the seasonal ice skating venue. Install up to seventeen 26-foot high permanent security lighting poles throughout Windward Plaza Park.

1800 Ocean Front Walk

Comments (3)

  1. Lee

    Bring it on! I’m all for activities that promote family activities, Venice needs a healthy alternative to excess booze, illicit drugs, transient camps, etc. that dominate the landscape now. If it fails it will be due to families not wanting to take their kids to OFW, not because of a lack of interest in skating.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Is there a single soul in Venice that wants ice skating at the beach unless the LA Kings are moving from the Staples Center?

    This will be a disaster because the residents of Venice have no interest in this Seward style folly.

    I guess those supporting this dumb idea need to be embarrassed when no one comes to skate and the whole notion of ice skating will be the “jump the shark” moment for the 11th Council District Office.

  3. nicholas dickens

    No ice rink in Venice,Ca.
    Wonderful weather here skate outdoors! Waste of water and electricity, should not be permitted, out of character, just go to Santa Monica!

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