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Comments—31 August 2015

Nancy Poertner
That is very sad reading about Challis passing. Challis was being honored during the meeting Rainer and I attended. It seemed so logical honoring her for all her community efforts. I did not think of it beyond that. Challis seemed invincible, indestructible and irreplaceable. Man, was she feisty. Lucky for all of us locals that she cared the way she did.

Linda Lucks
In an email on Friday, LAHSA reported a fire In the basement of the building causing an evacuation and that the building is closed during an investigation. No one was reported injured.

Susan Allen
Great job on the Veteran apartment idea. (Bill Hooey’s column.)
Comment: Thought that was an interesting proposition too.

Jed Pauker
You got just about everything on record regarding Challis’s incomparable contributions (I’ve been searching for tidbits in my own records, and still have far to go).

On the surprising LAHSA report, I found that the relevant site can be reached here:


It appears to be a login page for account-holders. A Microsoft web application called Silverlight may ask for permission to use space on the visitor’s computer.

On parkway gardens:


Ron Finley | Designer, Gardener, Collector

Helen Stotler
Reply to “Anonymous” post about Community Healing Gardens group (with which I am not affiliated): Personally, I don’t give much credence to accusations made without proof by someone not willing to attach his or her name. God forbid we encourage anything that BETTERS our neighborhood or helps those in need. My non-anonymous observation: the plantings are beautiful and I understand some of the food produced goes to needy members of our community. (BTW, I think you are wrong about planting in the parkways: http://www.scpr.org/news/2015/03/04/50192/la-city-council-approves-curbside-planting-of-frui/ so are probably wrong about more…)

Comment: It was an Update comment regarding the legality of using the parkway, not the anonymous inputter. Also another commenter commented about the legality of the 501 and was verbal. Have no idea about 501 status.

Steve Freedman
Re: anonymous comments
Please reconsider doing free publicity for folks that want broadcast their opinions but don’t want to be associated with their own comments. Unless the writer faces a real [not just imagined] threat to their personal safety, there is no justification for circulating anonymous comments in a community serving publication.

Comment: Totally agree.

Roxanne Brown
Three Santa Monica Council Members back moratorium on Ellis Act Evictions and apparently they want to remove the vacancy-free market rule now in place.
The link is too long to print and too long to put in a link. Article is in Santa Monica Lookout by Hector Gonzalez, 24 August 2015.

Reta Moser
Thank you all so much for your inputs. Linda and Jed really helped with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority story. Hopefully, it helped those who need the help.

The input on the planters appearing in Oakwood was so great. It all started with Barbara Gibson loving what she saw happening with the veggie boxes in Oakwood. Jed’s article brought the situation to light with Ron Finley’s plight with the authorities. Helen nailed it down with the article on city council approval. The guidelines are what are missing. LAMC 56.11 says no personal property (raised beds?) on parkways.

It is impossible for me to be everywhere or know about everything. Only you, the reader, can help there. It’s your blog.

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