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Parkway– Can you or can’t you plant?


Helen Stotler provided a link that says LA City Council approved “curbside planting” of fruits and vegetables in March of this year. Fruit trees will require a permit.

Article stated

The problem is, updated guidelines aren’t ready yet. City staff still has to revise them to include rules for edible plants, like how far they must be from the curb and how tall they can grow. Those guidelines must then be approved by the city council.

Jed Pauker provided article link from two years ago about how all of this veggie planting got stated and it was approved … temporarily at least for two years. Article was written in August 2013.

Granted the boxes are not in-ground plantings but they propose a similar situation. One would assume both have been approved. They were considered different in 2013.

Update will try to find out status of guidelines by next Update. If anyone has any information, please, please contact Update.

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