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Weller’s Homeless Story–No. 7

LAPD Task Force Chaplain Regina Weller

LAPD Task Force Chaplain Regina Weller

Marie, Mother’s Day 2015
By Regina Weller

On Sunday, May 10th, LAPD Officer Edwardo Silva and his partner brought
80-year old Cambodian woman Marie to the Church door. They said she had been sleeping in the bushes. It was Mother’s Day. She spoke little English and looked very tired, but managed to point to her mouth and say, “no food, only water”. I quickly made lunch for her, which she chose to eat in the police car. Marie was wearing a wristband from a convalescent home that identified her.

A call to the convalescent facility revealed that Marie’s discharge date in April was prompted by the expiration of her conservatorship, and that it had not yet been re-instated. With the glitch in the system, this woman was placed out on the street. I called our housing connections, and with an initial rent payment of $250 for a room, she was on her way within the hour by police escort to housing. The Venice Stakeholders covered her rental entry fee. I’ve since contacted the State Conservator’s office regarding the procedures for conservator re-instatement. Happy Mother’s Day Marie; your surrogate LAPD sons have come to your rescue!

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