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Venice Update

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Get Jets Out of Venice and Mar Vista Skies

By Laura Silagi
The current situation of jets departing SMO is a problem for Los Angeles residents. The two airports, LAX and SMO, are too close to each other and jets departing SMO have to wait to be cleared for take off by LAX towers who relay this information to the SMO tower.)

Currently the close proximity between the airports of less than 3 miles means that jets idle on the SMO runways, spewing ultra-fine particulates east over Mar Vista while waiting for the okay to depart. The current flight path sends jets over Venice, creating continuous noise and pollution. A 250 degree turn north (over Santa Monica) on departure would help solve these problem.

This is a plan the FAA had wanted to require until the residents of Santa Monica organized and complained to Henry Waxman, who represented Santa Monica, but not Venice at the time.

Write to the FAA:
1- Ask the FAA to decouple the flight paths on flights departing SMO and LAX.
2- Ask the FAA to require a 250 degree heading (north) immediately after departure from SMO.
Comments can be emailed to: 9-ANM-SoCalOAPM@faa.gov
Please CC to:
Congress member Ted Lieu – lisa.pinto@mail.house.gov
Congress member Karen Bass – maral@mail.house.gov
Los Angeles Council member Mike Bonin – chad.molnar@lacity.org
Comments can also be submitted by regular mail to:
SoCal Metroplex EA
Federal Aviation Administration
Western Service Center – Operations Support Group
1601 Lind Avenue SW
Renton, WA 98057

Until the airport is closed, this is a solution that will help Venice and Mar Vista residents as concerning jets.

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