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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments—3 July 2015

Marilyn Roland
This is what I sent to head ranger for our city parks.
It’s harsh, but I don’t care. They do nothing anyway.
Can’t tell u how much time I have spent on the phone with this man.GlenEllen
OK the homeless bums won with the inefficient work of our police and rangers. We’ll just leave it to them.
If you condescend to them, the gangs will be next.
Then you’ll really have a problem.
Over and out.

Barbara Broide
It is time to rally our forces to fight for a strong sign ordinance. The lobbyists and billboard industry have been quietly working behind the scenes to introduce changes to the ordinance that would gut its ability to protect our neighborhoods.


The following LA Times editorial published today raises all the relevant issues now pending before PLUM/Council.


Key points to address in correspondence to PLUM, the Council and Mayor are also listed in the CBBB email message below.

FYI: The agenda for Tuesday’s PLUM meeting can be found at:
The Sign Ordinance is item number 7. The agenda item appears as follows:

Council Files: 08-2020, 11-1705

Wolf Seeberg
Sunset 28th of June

Douglas Fay
Herons and Fireworks
The Great Blue Herons that nest in the last remaining stand of trees in Marina Del Rey are located in Mariners Village. For years they have been filmed and documented by residents that care. When they mature they can be seen foraging in the Ballona Wetlands and the Oxford/Marina Del Rey Bird Conservation Area. The annual fireworks show smack in the middle of their nesting and foraging sites is a tragic event. It has been consistently documented that when the fireworks start the adults leave the nests and do not return until the following season. Juveniles can get left behind or leave the nest too soon and die.
If the County Supervisors had any dignity they would relocate the barge away from these sensitive habitat areas. Unfortunately they are malicious when it comes to wildlife. Our only hope is to lobby our nation’s federal representatives to dedicate the Santa Monica Bay a National Marine Sanctuary. We truly need more independence from our local and state officials.

Maintenance Yard Fence
One resident got it right at the Thatcher Yard meeting. He said we should choose the most affordable fence option so the greatest amount of money could be invested in bettering the lives of our local homeless population. I agree and thought Bonin’s representative was going to let the neighbors know the cost of the three fence options so they could make an informed decision. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. My choice was green plastic coated chain link fence similar to what is used at schools and parks.

Children’s Park
If you want a children’s park I recommend contacting Assemblywoman Autumn Burke’s staff and requesting that it be located adjacent to the Oxford Triangle in Yvonne Burke Park.

Water Treatment
Also, the promised Oxford Basin Study that required to identify a location adjacent to the Bird Conservation Area where a water treatment facility could be located, the Thatcher Yard, has not been fulfilled. Like the Santa Monica Airport, if we do not demand water treatment and recycling facilities on our last remaining available parcels, we are putting our future in a perilous predicament. Hyperion has destroyed the Bay’s ecology and is not a viable solution. We must demand changes that are sustainable.

Bird Sanctuary
Recently, when a troubled young man walked into a refuge, a sanctuary, and murdered kind, innocent people of faith, I hoped you would have seen the connection with what the County is doing to your bird refuge/sanctuary/conservation area. It is not a better project as promoted. The project does not include pumps to force flood water into the marina and tragically the project does not include any potable water for migratory and juvenile birds. How many travelers and children do you know that can survive without drinking when they arrive at a sanctuary/refuge/conservation area? If you walked into a church and killed the congregation with the explanation that you were going to replace them with nicer, more attractive people what would happen? Congress never approved of the changes being made in Marina Del Rey.

Darlene Davis
Costco had this in their magazine this month and I thought it would be a good idea to put this in your next letter . Some people just don’t know how hot it get’s in the car even with the windows open.


Peter Griswold
How many homes cannot reach 311?

Jon Nahhas
I know it has been a few months since Jack Ainsworth put the nail in the coffin for Venice stating that it doesn’t have character that needs protecting, but has anyone seen this month’s agenda for the California Coastal Commission. Wow! There are 7 different development permits applications. I also see 2 different appeals from the same 3 people but don’t know the names – wondering if these are disgruntled homeowners or grass roots “Save Venice” types.?

Venice needs LA to adopt an LCP and fast!

CCC agenda: http://coastal.ca.gov/mtgcurr.html

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