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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Vets are Getting Housed

Mayor Eric Garcetti earlier this year set a goal of 12 months to house all the street veterans. Everyone wants veterans who are on the streets of Los Angeles to be housed.

Carl Lambert, president of the Venice Chamber of Commerce, said, “the goal is more like 15 months now but groups are working together. West Los Angeles Veterans Association has opened its gates, which is symbolic of the improved attitude.”

“I was just in a meeting with US Secretary of the Veteran Affairs, Senator Ted Lieu, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Councilman Mike Bonin and they want this to happen,” said Lambert. “Various organizations–VA, Home for Good, Hilton Foundation, to name a few, and the City are all working together to accomplish this.”

When asked how it all works, Lambert said, “For example: A vet needs housing. Someone checks him out–credit, etc., pre-qualifies him for housing, gives him a voucher and a foundation picks up the difference. Landlord has a tenant all set to go. Other services follow this vet to make sure he doesn’t fall thru the cracks but becomes a productive member of a community … Vet gets access to services, gets a job.

“It is a known fact that LA cannot build units to house these vets in a short time. LA doesn’t work that way. This is a system that works. I have put these people in my buildings.”

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