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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–28 January 2015

Carolyn Rios
Many of us have been trying to clean up the then Postal Annex , Nancy Finebrg was the liaison, but we never got anywhere. They never respond, and always this or that excuse. Those photos are lightweight from what I’ve been seeing these last few years. Last year, some long term visiter was cleaning it up every Monday. Nice for a while, but he left. Maybe latest please will finely be heard.

Debbie Flores
I am wondering if the Amoroso and Nowita burglaries had alarm systems. We are upgrading our system now to include cameras and other options that will turn on/off lights etc after our attempted burglary. We are lucky to only have an $800 replacement bill for the glass but are still spooked and sleeping with back lights on now.

Roxanne Brown
Love the fun stuff – comments by Amy Alkon and Wolf Seeberg! FUN!

Rick Swinger
Ref: Monarch Butterflies
Good Work Travis! I had no idea this was happening. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Nick Antonicello
Ref: Bonin Business Survey
I hate the manipulation of a unscientific “poll” to create a false premise.
Where are all the facts and numbers? 55 percent of what? What was the total number of surveys sent? 100? 1000? 5000? In summary, what was the rate of participation in this pollsOne percent? Ten percent?

Clearly based on the information revealed, it is impossible to get a true read on this. I find it highly unlikely that 55 percent of small business owners want to unilaterally increases their costs or payroll.

Let’s have a full accounting of a poll conducted by an elected official who supports the measure and is clearly not objective.

Walk Street Meanderings
700 block of Nowita …1230 AM this morning I heard strange noises along the west side of my house. Looked through the windows and didn’t see anything… thought it was a cat or opossum…
Heard it again… then opened my front door to find a male about 5’10” sitting under my west window!!!
Asked him what he was doing. Said he was looking for a place to stay. I told him to leave and he jumped my front fence and went out to Shell!

Seems he jumped over the fence in the alley and came across my deck… and out through my front gate on the west side…
Then heard me and rested underneath my window until I approached him!

Called 911, gave them the info and they passed me on to Pacific Division. …. NEVER SAW THE POLICE! Obviously I Didn’t Sleeeeeep well at all!!!!!!

(I have followed up with our Lead Officers about giving him a call.)

Does anyone have security cameras who might take a look and see if you have anyone fitting description on tape? I would like us to think about a organized neighborhood watch program. If anyone has suggestions, please share them with me. I am still trying for a meeting at Beyond Baroque.

Peter Griswold
Last September I arranged a Neighborhood Watch in the front yard of Ryan + Becky Wolfe in the middle of Dickson St.
and about 20 persons attended. Later I distributed about 2 dozen NW flyers and only 3 came back with contact info.
Denise Fast could request another NW meeting. Contact Officer Jacobus 310-622-3971 or 310-202-4515.

Debbie Rochlin, editor of Mar Vista Neighborhood Association

Mar Vista had their Great Street Initiative Open House last Sunday. Mayor Eric Garcetti wants each neighborhood to have a “Great Street.” Mar Vista’s will be Venice Blvd from Inglewood to Beethoven.

An online survey has been created to get your input. You can take the survey at this link

Our annual town hall meeting is Thursday, January 29th. It is your chance to meet and hear from your elected officials. We are also holding Board elections so please come out and vote..

When: Tomorrow (29 Jan) at 7 pm
Where: St Bede’s Episcopal Church (corner of Grand View Blvd & Charnock Rd)
Info: Email editor@mvneighbors.org

Reta Moser
Venice Farmers’ Market has free Electronic Recycling from 7 am to 11 am, 500 N. Venice Blvd.

Please let people know about crimes committed in your area. It helps all to know what is going on and to prepare.

All stories here were printed in VeniceUpdate.com before, except Murez story and Comments. Note that most of the comments on web are different than the ones printed here.

People never cease to amaze me. One reader made the comment to me that all I do is cut and paste … stories that others have written, I assume. Oh, well. This week we do have more guest writers. Hope next week we have more.

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