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Murez’s Latest–Wing-Flappin’ Lion


Yes, Robin Murez has spun her creative metal magic again on Abbot Kinney. This time it is a Winged Lion that flaps its wings.

She calls it “The Winged Lion, symbol of the Republic of Venice.” (The Winged Lion came to symbolize the city of Venice, Italy, according to Wikipedia.)

Crank the red knob and the wings flap.

Murez has the uncanny ability to spark one’s fantasy with her simplistic, yet very meaningful “works.” One can never leave a Murez creation without a touch of glee or wonderment and a tad of meaningful Venice history.

This is her latest at 1505 Abbot Kinney.

The plaque says “The Winged Lion is the Symbol of the Republic of Venice. Crank the knob to flap the wings and cheer “Bravo!” ”

In smaller print it says:
Abbot Kinney created Venice of America in 1905 as a mash up of Venice, Italy & Coney Island. He created romantic canals, built Italian architecture, and brought wild amusement rides to create his fantastic, unique vision of art, culture, and amusement to this city by the sea. May Abbot Kinney’s creativity inspire us all.

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  1. Thank you, Reta, for spreading the joy.

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