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Goodbye Ernie–The Mr. Cub

By Reta Moser
I met Ernie Banks not long ago. He was a neighbor. I knew I was talking to a legend at the time. I also felt guilty that it was me meeting him instead of my brother, Mike, the avid sports fan. Even though my brother was a Stan-the-Man fan and the Cardinals his team, he admired Mr. Cub. How could any baseball fan not admire this man. He was a happy, good-natured player who broke all kinds of records.

His car license was “Mr. Cub.” His other car license was “Play 2.” He was credited with saying “It’s a great day to play baseball. Let’s play two!” It would be hard to think of Chicago, Wrigley field, the Cubs, baseball without the thoughts of Ernie.

Former author, sports writer, and columnist Rick Talley wrote the book “The Cubs of ‘69” and devoted a chapter to Ernie Banks. Rick wrote “The Cubs were awful but then there was Ernie.”

Rick and I went to college together and were great friends throughout life until his passing. May they both enjoy each other’s presence again and may there be yet another chapter.

Goodbye Mr. Cub. You are one of the greats! It was my pleasure, honor to meet you.

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