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Venice Update

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Three Hot Prowls in Oakwood

Jen Bilik of Abbot Kinney Triangle Neighborhood Association reported that Officer Peter Abskharon said there had been three hot prowls over the past weekend in Venice. The three hot prowls were at Amoroso Place, Marco Place and Linden Ave.

Officer Abskharon was contacted and said “We had three hot-prowl burglaries on Amoroso Pl, Marco Pl and Linden Ave over the weekend. One of which involved an encounter with the Suspect simulating a handgun underneath his clothing. All three of the hot prowls involved unlocked doors.

“We are reminding folks to please lock the doors and windows in the rooms they are not utilizing. One of these hot prowls involved the Victim leaving the door unlocked for 5-10 minutes. If we have extra units we are deploying them in the Venice/Oakwood area.”

A hot prowl burglary is a burglary in which the offender enters a building or residence while occupants are inside the location. In this case all three hot-prowl burglaries involved unlocked doors.

How many times have the LAPD Pacific Division officers, senior lead officers told residents to secure their property. Lock your doors, lock your windows when you are there and when you are not.

According to Jen Bilik of the Abbot Kinney Triangle Neighborhood Association, “Most burglaries, according to four police officers, are committed by repeat offenders—in some cases, one arrest can clear up to 30 burglaries.

“When asked ‘Why Venice,’ the burglars say, ‘Because residents leave their doors and windows unlocked.’”

Sue Kaplan, who writes the Walk Street Meanderings for Oakwood area, wrote that neighborhood is shook up and thinking of ways to prevent these burglaries. They are thinking about a patrol service and getting the block captains to discuss with residents ways to protect their individual blocks.

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