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Google Removes Tree Supports

Google Trees

By Jim Murez
For the past several years the trees that surround the 340 Main St, the
Gehry Binoculars building, have been getting strangled by steel guard rails
that were installed when the trees were mere saplings. The purpose of the
rails was to provide support and protection to the trees when they were
young (nearly 20 years ago).

Last year members of the community and the Venice Neighborhood Council meet
with Google who is the current tenant of the property. One of the items
discussed was the fact that the City Street Trees that surround the site had
been neglected for far too long. The steel frames were cutting into the
trees and doing damage to the trunks. As a result staff members of Google
committed to see what they could do to get the problem resolved.

Tonight while I was walking past these trees on Mail Street, I observed the
steel frames that have been strangling the trees like a girdle does to a
woman had been removed. The trees can now start their recovery process! .

Hooray, what a great way to start the new year!

I hope the VNC sends a message to Google and their staff for being
responsible neighbors and showing they care for our community. And, I want
to personally say I appreciate the follow through – thanks!

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