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Accident Occurs at 320 Sunset

(Photo courtesy of Roxanne Brown.) Photo shows the traffic that 320 Sunset vehicles must back into.

By Roxanne Brown
On January 9th, Friday, at approximately 1 p.m., there was an accident at Gjusta, 320 Sunset. I spoke with the driver (of a Mercedes sports car convertible). She said she was approaching the entrance to Gjusta when Gjusta’s parking attendant directed her to move forward. She thought he was telling her to back up. She did so and hit the parking enforcement vehicle behind her, driven by Officer Martinez.

No one was hurt. An LAPD police officer and Parking Enforcement (Officer Martinez and her supervisor, Sergeant Rice) talked to Gjusta’s parking attendant and the driver. A police report was filed. No tickets were issued.

We know the parking lot at 320 is dangerous, since drivers back out of the lot into oncoming traffic. This accident underscores why Gjusta’s should not be granted change of use to restaurant serving alcohol with late night hours.

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