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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–12 January 2014

5 January issue
Liz Wright
Density/traffic – If you do not want the housing density or traffic in the Venice/Marina del Rey area to increase, where do you want your children to live? Just something to think about.

Ann Stevenson
On Dec. 26th I spoke to my sister in New Hampshire. She wondered why we had not rec’d the package she mailed in plenty of time. We never rec’d any package and no neighbors brought any to us. The clerk at her end had filled out the form, and doubled checked zip code. She still had the receipt. FedEx phoned me and even sent over the driver who had put it on my porch right beside my front door. He apologized and said sorry. By the way, it was not insured and the contents probably cost under $10.00. So the thief didn’t get much…this time.

Regret the destruction of our trees. That’s what they call “progress” unfortunately for us & the birds & butterflies.

Kari Peck
Re Gato:
May he/she rest in peace!
Had a few encounters with Gato! Never knew his ears were cropped due to cancer! I thought he was born that way! He frequented my back yard/patio often, quite friendly and mysterious! Never meowed much, just kind of looked at you peaking in through the back door!
One day, unbeknownst to me I had back door open and my wrought iron gate locked! Never gave it a thought, and was going about my business. Having some lunch downstairs that afternoon I see in my peripheral view something moving on my stairs and lo and behold there was Gato! We had a stare down; he was looking at me and sizing up how to get by me! And then, out through the gate he went!

Long story, upstairs in my guest bedroom was the proof the “perpetrator” had had a long, nice nap in the bed! Unfortunately, it had rained that day so the bedding, next to the nice indentation where he had slept, were numerous muddy paw prints all over the bed and nightstand! Oh well, bed was stripped and comforter sent to MDR Cleaners! He had truly enjoyed his nap!
GATO, I FORGIVE YOU! Rest in peace my furry invader!

9 January 2015
Amy Alcon

Regarding the update going to once a week, Reta, you do an amazing thing and once a week is fabulous. I particularly love the way you illustrate things with photos. And in this update, I loved the story on the inspiring Ilana Marosi and her win vis a vis 259 Hampton, and I think many of us are extremely grateful for the way LUPC is being run under Robin Rudisill. Now, for the first time in years, residents and their concerns matter; we aren’t just annoyances to be pushed out of the way to grease some business through. Also, there’s a new priority of following laws and codes and not just winking at businesses and greasing their approvals through and ignoring them as they violate their codes daily and nightly.

Susan French
There were 2 in my front yard yesterday while it was very warm. Don’t know where they are roosting.


Joan Wrede
Ref 259 Hampton hearing
It was quite impressive Wednesday evening. 6-1/2 hours was over the top but we learned a lot.

Debbie Flores
We were on vacation last week. ADT contacted us about 7:30pm on Friday, January 9 that one of our upper bedroom balcony doors had been compromised (we thought it was a false alarm as this had happened with this particular door in the past) but we called our next door neighbors and also neighbors behind our home to check in on the house. LAPD is also automatically dispatched but they are pretty useless. Our front gates were both unlocked and the left gate was also found open. Of course, we assumed the lawn guys unlocked the gates and forgot to lock them (which they have done in the past). Nothing else seemed unusual and it was too dark to see anything upstairs on the balcony. When we got home on Friday, January 11 at 4:45pm my husband went upstairs to one of the bedrooms and found the balcony door shattered and partially opened. Luckily, nothing else was destroyed, taken or misplaced. I think between the alarm and the neighbors – the burglar ran away or was hiding out until they left and then ran away. This happened in a cul-de-sac! With neighbors all around at 7:30pm! And why the back balcony door? Probably thought we didn’t have sensors on the second story windows and doors – but we do.

Reta Moser
Whoever removed the skeletal bike at corner of Princeton and Thatcher, I thank you. Was only there for couple days. Didn’t have time to take photo; it was gone so quickly. Saw a homeless man with a bunch of bike bodies and he may be the one confiscating them. Perhaps, the Update could show photos and list addresses for skeletal bikes. Maybe we can clean up the area that way. Get the homeless to help us!

Am going to try to photo a neighborhood encampment each week. Let me know if you have one. This week it is the one at Venice west of Abbot Kinney, next to Farmers’ Market.

Debbie Flores is the second break-in in Oxford Triangle in less than a month.

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