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Venice Blvd Encampment Grows

Venice Blvd E
(Photo courtesy of Michael Nelson.)

veniceblvde E2
(Photo courtesy of Michael Nelson)


It was brought to Update’s attention by an anonymous commentator that the encampment on Venice Blvd, west of Abbot Kinney, next to the Friday Farmers’ Market is growing and the smell of urine prevails.

An anonymous commentator said the encampment “consists of at least 14 or more people sleeping in this area every night and it’s becoming a problem. The smell of urine is pungent.

“The campers are sleeping right on the sidewalk causing pedestrians to step over them. It’s very sad.”

Michael Nelson, member of the Venice Neighborhood Council Neighborhood Committee for that area, said “I am trying to work with the local police of the Pacific Division. I really feel sorry for the homeless and do what I can to help them whenever I can, but this is really a quality of life issue for the neighborhood that needs to be addressed.”

Contact Venice Update if your neighborhood has a growing encampment area. Update is aware of the Ocean Front Walk and 3rd Avenue encampments.

Comments (2)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    The homeless problem is out of control because the person elected to deal with it doesn’t have a plan. He apparently has little or no influence with DPW, LAPD or anyone else to FIX THE SITUATION. Yet he drones on with letters, press releases and other phony and fake bureaucratic inaction and responses designed to take the responsibility off of him and his office.
    We were told over a year ago he was going to hire someone to manage Venice Beach?
    What is status of that hire and job search?
    We were told barricades and other modifications would be made at the beach?
    When will they be implemented?
    Yes, the lighting has been improved, and the police presence is obvious on the weekends, but what about a police detail at night when the real crime is being committed?
    Not allowing carriages and belongings the obstruct the sidewalks is not criminalizing homelessness. You cannot allow this kind of behavior to continue that gives the appearance of dangerous conditions.
    I really don’t care anymore what Mr. Bonin thinks, I care what Chief Beck thinks and what are his solutions to clean this mess?
    Let’s have a Town Meeting that addresses this once and for all. Let the LAPD do their job and implement best practices. There isn’t a city in America that tolerates this kind of nonsense where streets are occupied and held hostage for the most part by petty thieves, the drug and alcohol addicted and transients who refuse to work looking for a government handout. Send those individuals back to where they came from and have their immediate families held accountable for these conditions. Enough is enough.

  2. Too bad that human beings are forced to urinate/defecate on the street because the City of Los Angeles refuses to provide porta potties!!! Some people just can’t help being homeless and other people just can’t help hating and vilifying them for their misfortune. There, but for the Grace of God – go I & you!!!

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