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Count–Be a Counter

To Venice Residents

We need your help to make sure that all homeless in Los Angeles get counted.

Every two years, volunteers fan out across neighborhoods throughout the City, counting the people living on our streets as part of the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. Will you join us January 28 and take part in the count?

This is more than an exercise in mathematics. This census of our unhoused neighbors helps determine how much federal, state and county money Los Angeles gets to provide services and get people off the streets and into housing. And it determines which neighborhoods get funding. It is crucial that we get an accurate count so we can end homelessness by moving people into housing and off of our streets, sidewalks, alleys, beaches, and out of our wetlands, forests, and from under our bridges.

We need your help. Will you join us, Wednesday January 28 at 8 p.m.? We will be helping the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority conduct counts in every neighborhood of Council District 11. It is easy to sign up online and choose a location and volunteer assignment at http://www.lahsa.org/homelesscount.asp. Click the Volunteer button.

Homelessness is a stain on our humanity and on our society. This is one small thing anyone can do to help end it. I hope to see on the 28th. Thanks so much.

Mike Bonin

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