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Ryavec Speaks at CCC Regarding Venice Beach

Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, spoke before the California Coastal Commission (CCC) Friday at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium about obstacles at Venice Beach to the visitor-serving mandate of the Coastal Act.

He also addressed historic preservation. See “Ryavec Addresses CCC About ‘Historic Preservation.’

Over the last year and a half the City of Los Angeles has allowed the Venice Beach Recreation Area to become Skid Row West.

I would advise you that you should walk the entire length of the Boardwalk from Rose to Windward to fully understand the truth of my statement. Permanent encampments of transients have literally occupied many areas of the park along the Boardwalk and deny them to visitors and residents alike.

These encampments act as incubators for crime inland; for example, there have been five home invasions in my immediate neighborhood since last April committed by transients living along Venice breach.

Due to the unwillingness of the City officials – the mayor, the councilman, the Department of Recreation and Parks and the LAPD – to enforce existing laws against camping in parks in the City of Los Angeles, our organization has filed a lawsuit, funded by residents, against the City for maintaining a dangerous public nuisance along Venice beach.

We strongly support the City’s midnight to 5 AM beach curfew, which is the only measure that gives some respite to residents from the very loud and dangerous conditions that would otherwise exist in the park along the Boardwalk at night. Our attorneys – and now the Los Angeles City Attorney – believe the curfew is a legal exercise of the City’s inherent police powers and thus exempt from the Coastal Act. Before you consider filing a lawsuit against the City to require that it apply for a CDP you should spend a night on Venice Beach with the LAPD and some adjacent residents to understand our need for the curfew to remain in place as it currently operates to offer a modicum of protection and relief to residents.

Your commission might also give some thought to whether by illegally allowing encampments in a coastal park that the City is denying use of these areas to visitors and thus the City is in violation of the Coastal Act.

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