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259 Hampton Loses; Appeal Upheld; Decision Unanimous

259 Hampton

Enough is enough! We have a right to peace in our homes and our residential neighborhoods, and as the protectors of our community, we hope that you would agree! We also should be able to take a breath and enjoy our life on an ongoing basis, but these unacceptable projects being rubber stamped by City Planning just continue to hit us and if we don’t want our long-term Quality of Life ruined forever, we are forced to spend every non-working, waking moment fighting them. It’s a tough call, as this is ruining our current/short-term Quality of Life, but we feel that if we let one slip through our hands, the terrible precedent it would set would crater not only our neighborhood but the entire Venice Community. It is grossly unfair of LA City Planning to continually force an entire community into crisis mode by approving these projects with significant negative impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods, rather than doing the job that we pay our City Planning employees to do, which is to protect and maintain (maybe even improve……) our Quality of Life, thus allowing us to enjoy our lives in our Venice homes.

This was the closing statement made by appellant Ilana Marosi at the 259 Hampton hearing appeal by the West Los Angeles Planning Commission Tuesday night.

“It was unanimous,” wrote Robin Rudisill, chair of the Land Use and Planning Committee. “The community was amazing beyond belief. I am so, so proud. A great day for Venice.”

Ilana Marosi made the appeal of 259 Hampton. She garnered support from property owners and residents within 500 feet of 259 and other members of community whom she collected in the fight against 320 Sunset. The members opposing 600 Mildred (Kim’s Market) joined forces also.

“Enough is enough” seems to be the mantra for this group bound together to stop unscrupulous developers who, without parking, but with the desire to have alcoholic beverages less than 15 feet from residents, have proliferated in Venice of late.

“Ilana Marosi’s final argument was beautiful and moving,” stated Rudisill.

“Roxanne Browne was absolutely stunning and amazing as well with the points she made with her awesome charts and maps. They were truly a highlight of the hearing. She exposed a huge lie by the applicant and I hope you can read her comments.”

Hampton at 259 was approved by City Planning last year to allow a change of use from retail/fast food takeout to a full service restaurant with an additional area for rooftop dining and a full liquor license. The square footage, according to planning commission handout, was 1658 without counting the rooftop patio. The project was never vetted by the Land Use and Planning committee nor the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Comments (4)

  1. Steve Heineman

    Give up an inch and the Developers will take a mile!

  2. Roxanne Brown

    Ilana Marosi is the heroine. She prepared maps and charts and discovered the lie regarding the Conditional Use Permit (CUP). I presented. She did the work.

    I’m honored to work with Ilana Marosi and to have Robin Rudisill as our LUPC Chair and Gabriel Ruspini serving on LUPC.

    Our neighborhood coalition supports businesses that follow the law and are good neighbors.

    The new LUPC is perceived as anti-development, when in fact it has approved 80% of projects that have passed through them. Mike Newhouse, President of the VNC, brought this to the attention of residents at the December LUPC meeting. LUPC does not support businesses flouting the law and creating a nuisance for their neighbors.

  3. Rick Garvey

    Congrats, I wish I had been there to see it…

    We have to keep fighting!

  4. Awesome!!!! Way to shake it, Ilana!!!!!

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