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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

No Recap;Forecast Only

Goodbye 2014
goodbye 2014

Hello 2015
Christmas is over along with the holidays that ensued. May the spirit of the Christmas Season continue throughout 2015.

Have not reviewed the big stories for 2014. All the other news sources have done such.

Can only say that the big stories for 2015 in Venice will be the homeless and directed toward public safety of Venice residents, followed by the redo of the Oxford Basin and the growing influence of the Land Use and Planning committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council to direct the density and landscape or skyline of Venice.

Land Use and Planning Committee, chaired by Robin Rudisill, has grown significantly in influence of the neighborhood. On the other hand some developers, builders want to bypass the Venice process because of the demands. LUPC is an advisory group they say. But there is a growing group of Venetians who want to stop construction until there is a mass, scale and character document in hand. Sue Kaplan, who is chair of the ad hoc committee for mass, scale, and character, said the document with numbers should be available this year—2015. The numbers will give developers, architects guidelines for design. This is a problem throughout the City but only Venice has taken the first step on its own.

Public safety—Read Mark Ryavec’s story of two home invasions in Venice.
Read the Oxford Basin story.

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