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CCC to Hear MDR Boat Central Project Friday

By Jon Nahhas
Marina Del Rey Boat Central Project which is scheduled for a Public Hearing at the California Coastal Commission Meeting Friday, January 9th, 2015 at the Santa Monica Civic Center.

This project has had an ugly history (as you will see in the video) and has evaded a “true” public process. Please consider some of the consequences (not in order of significance):

1) MdR Design Control Board (citizen oversight) power revoked due to this project
2) DCB Chair (MdR resident) resigns over this project
3) Impacts to wildlife in State protected Ballona Wetlands
4) Impacts use of MdR Public Boat Launch Ramp
5) Degrades water quality
6) Sets precedent of building over limited water space in the harbor (very significant)
7) Extremely expensive on public land (majority of County residents will not have access to this facility)
8) Walling off of the harbor and significant blockage of sunlight/wind/views
9) Noise levels very high
10) Takes away the only FREE parking in Marina del Rey (directly adjacent to the bike path).

Please try to attend the hearing and have your voice heard. If you cannot attend, please contact Coastal Commission Staff at: 562-590-5071, 5084
Email: Jack Ainsworth, Deputy Executive Director (South Coast Office): jainsworth@coastal.ca.gov

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