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Oh Nice!–Not for Dogs Off Leash

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Great park area. But not for dogs off leash. Westchester park for dogs off leash is just down the street. SLO Peter Abskharon says he is going to have to start issuing citations.


Officer Peter Abskharon, senior lead officer (SLO) for Oakwood area, says he is going to have to start issuing citations to owners with dogs off leash in the Oakwood Recreation Center park area.

Officer Abskharon says he was hoping it would not come to this but…  He and the division captains have received numerous complaints from parents about dogs running off leash around in the park while their children are trying to play soccer.  They have also received complaints about dogs pooping in the Oakwood Rec park area and owners not picking it up.  Little kids play various sports in the park and running dogs and “poop” could cause an accident, not to mention poop is messy.

Update was in the park Sunday looking for poop and was not successful.  One man said that there were at least two women who consistently pick up the poop, and other people, who walk their dogs, pick up their dogs’ poop and poop from other dogs.  But even so he said he sees a lot of dog poop in the area.  “Don’t understand,” he said.  “Westminster dog park is just down the street.”

“The verbal warnings don’t seem to be working and unfortunately I am going to have to start issuing citations” wrote officer Abskharon. “I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but parents have been complaining of dogs running around unleashed during youth soccer practice. This has the potential to become a dangerous situation and I am going to do anything I can to avoid something like that from happening (which will be citations).  We’ve also received numerous complaints of dogs off leash and owners not picking up their dog waste.”



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