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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Washington Blvd Gets Burglaries

Note: Last issue we had four robberies on Rennie in one night, the NORO area. See Stewart Oscars’ comment. Two burglaries and one attempt, same street, within 10 days in Presidents’ Row area.

Venice is definitely being targeted. Put the cop back on the dot! Venice doesn’t have time to wait for predictive patrolling.

Triangle, which is experiencing crime, is having neighborhood watch meet for first time in 10 years.

One business person on Washington Blvd is concerned with the sudden proliferation of crime on Washington Blvd in commercial area.

Owner asks that all neighbors be vigilant. Make a request to LAPD Pacific Division for an extra patrol. Write or call LAPD, Pacific Division, 12312 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 or call 310-482-6334.

8/23/2014 Theft – petty/Larceny at 700 block of Washington Blvd
8/23/2014 Vehicle break-in/Theft – petty at Washington & Abbot Kinney
8/24/2014 Theft/Grand Larceny at 400 block of Washington Blvd
8/25/2014 Theft/Petty larceny at Washington & Lincoln

8/22/2014 Theft/Grand Larceny at 13300 Beach Ave by Redwood
8/24/2014 Vehicle break-in/Theft at 13400 Beach Ave by Glencoe

State Board to Consider MDR “Copper” Criteria

State Water Resources Control Board will meet 9 am, 9 and 10 September at the California EPA Building, 1001 I Street, Sacramento to consider a proposed amendment to revise allowable amount of copper in the Marina del Rey harbor.

The proposed amendment to the water quality plan is based on a resolution or Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) adopted by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board in February, 2014. It revises the allowable amount of toxic pollutants in the harbor.

TMDL is schedule to be heard 9 September. For further information contact the Department of Beaches and Harbors at (310) 305-9503 or (310) 305-9504.
AGENDA: http://www.swrcb.ca.gov/board_info/agendas/2014/sep/090914_agenda.pdf

Silagi Clarifies “Flight Patterns”

Laura Silagi, who is Update’s “go-to” person for Santa Monica Airport status, wants to clarify the airport flight patterns.

“The take-off pattern for jets is completely over Venice and is controlled by the FAA,” she wrote. “Jets are required to take off over the Penmar Golf course, which is in Venice, and fly over Rose to the ocean before turning. The jet noise and pollution impacts Venice residents and those Santa Monicans who live on the south edge of Santa Monica, as well as have a tremendous polluting impact on the neighborhood to the east (across Bundy.)

“Propeller planes are to take off over the golf course as well. Once at a certain altitude, the propeller plane pilots are allowed to turn any way they wish within the designated air corridor; however, the city of Santa Monica ‘highly recommends’ that propeller pilots, if turning east, first turn south at Lincoln and then east at Venice Blvd. Most of pilots do follow this procedure, more or less.

“This recommendation is part of Santa Monica’s ‘fly neighborly’ program, which shunts planes over Venice rather than its own city. When the Venice Neighborhood Council Santa Monica Airport committee met with FAA officials, the officials said they had no control over prop planes unless they violate the air corridor. Student pilots fly south then east when practicing various procedures, so they fly over Venice too.

“Even though the city of Santa Monica has been a bad neighbor to Venice, the ballot measure LC is far more preferable to those impacted by the airport than the aviation industry’s ballot measure D, which would keep the airport open for the foreseeable future.

“We need to encourage our Santa Monica friends to vote for LC not D.”

Venice, Sing it Out!

A Venice Choir?—Yes! Wanted: 25 to 30 men and women over 21 for a new Venice Choir. Applicants must be enthusiastic locals who love to sing, can carry a tune, and can harmonize.

Tryouts 10 September, 6 pm, Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. Come
prepared with your favorite song, to be performed acapella.

Venice Choir will meet once a week for rehearsals at a local
Venice space. A monthly membership is required to cover
rehearsal space and choir director fees. Please come
prepared with your favorite song, to be performed acapella.

For more information contact Erin Sullivan at 310-962-8513.

Oops Again!

c. car.

Monday (25 Aug) 5:30 am car turns over on Admiralty and gets stopped by fence. Lady driver was unhurt. Second accident in last few months hitting the Oxford Retention Basin fence.

Party’s Over!

c. cart.
About five fellows were drinking on the sidewalk on Carter across from Walgreens and near cart. Think police asked them to leave, and in retaliation, they dumped over the cart filled with garbage.

Santa Monica Has PPD; Why Not Venice?

Santa Monica Parking fixed
Santa Monica’s preferential parking districts(PPD)areas are in color. Red lines show implemented preferential parking; blue shows areas approved with only petitions needed for implementation.

Many Venice residents ask “Why not Venice?”

Councilman Mike Bonin has said Venice needs an approved local coastal plan (LCP) and then Venice would be able to skirt the California Coastal Commission. To get such approved, some say Venice would also have to provide more parking. Councilman Bonin asked for one million dollars to cover costs for preparation. He got $100,000.

“We are awaiting the results of our last grant application to Coastal, and are hoping that we will get additional funding for the LCP through that process,” commented David Graham-Caso, communications director for Councilman Bonin. “I’m not certain what the timing is on those decisions, but we are hopeful that the Coastal Commission will commit additional funding.

“It not my understanding that Venice will need to have more parking in order to get a new LCP approved. While we will be looking at strategies to increase the parking supply in Venice during the LCP process, it is something we are also looking at now (there may be ways to increase the parking supply under current conditions).”

Right now residents just have a hard time with parking. Venice is filled with tourists, but even so, the most critical is that Venice has houses without adequate parking, and many residents with proper parking, park on the street. Commercial parking is inadequate for parking employees and patrons. All of these situations contribute to “no parking.”

It was brought up at the land use and planning meeting by one resident who lives north of Rose that her neighbors just north of her, which is Santa Monica, are getting preferential parking, which will add more burden on residents in Venice near Rose commercial.

It is a way of life for many residents to keep their parking spots for emergencies and to set certain hours for certain car-required tasks. It is a Venice “parking maneuver … the Venice Jig” necessary for many.

Hopefully, preferential parking would put the commercial on the commercial lots, would put the tourist cars on commercial lots, and would allow residents to park and operate like normal residents with a place to park.

One Night, Four Burglaries on Rennie

One resident reported that at least four homes were burglarized one night this week on Rennie between Rose and Dewey.  “Burglars, appeared brazen, ransacking rooms and going upstairs while owners were sleeping in one house and taking electronics, etc.,” was report from neighbor.

Triangle to have Neighborhood Watch

Oxford Triangle will have a neighborhood watch meet at 7 pm, 10 September at 904 Dickson.  Senior Lead Officer Gregg Jacobus will attend.  Triangle has not had a neighborhood watch meet for at least 10 years.  Triangle has had a couple knock-knock burglaries and other disturbances.  Bring your own chair.


Diversion Scams Are Back

This in from the LAPD.

A distraction burglary occurred this week in the Del Rey neighborhood. A female suspect knocked on the victim’s door and advised that they were doing construction on the house behind the victim’s home, and that there had been a water leak. She asked for the victim to walk with her into the backyard to check out the leak. While in the backyard the suspect started talking to a male suspect on the phone. When the suspect left and the home owner returned inside she noticed that property had been stolen.

Tips to prevent distraction burglaries:

–If a stranger is at your door, answer it without opening the door.
–If someone wants to enter your home verify who they are by asking
  for credentials. Contact their company to verify validity.
–Keep neighbors contact information in case you need to call them
–Do not allow strangers into your home–Be suspicious of strangers who are trying to keep you distracted