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Venice Update

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VSA Supports Beach Curfew

Venice Stakeholders Association (VSA) today released a letter to the Los Angeles Police Department and City officials supporting the City’s 12- to 5-am Venice Beach Recreation Area (VBRA) curfew.

VSA claims that the curfew is an inherent municipal police power and expressly exempt from purview of the Coastal Act and the Coastal Commission. (See Beach Curfew Support Letters from Ryavec, Hoffman.)

The Venice Stakeholders Association and other Venice groups are organizing support for the beach curfew, which is critical to preserving the quality of life of residents living along the Venice’s Ocean Front Walk and the walk streets.

“The framers of the Coastal Act carved out the police powers of coastal cities from the requirement to obtain a coastal development permit (CDP),” said Mark Ryavec, the VSA president.

“The State Legislature did not want the Coastal Act to prevent the police from protecting residents and visitors.” Ryavec, a former legislative analyst for the City of Los Angeles, said the exemption for cities is straightforward.

In his letter to police and City officials, the Venice leader noted that “while the curfew does limit “access to water,” so does a line of police tape that is placed across entry points to the Boardwalk in emergency situations or around sites in the Venice Beach Recreation Area (VBRA) when a crime has been committed.

The curfew is simply a proactive version of police tape designed to prevent crime, vandalism and the violation of quality of life ordinances that protect residents.”

“No CDP is required for any of these exercises of police power to protect citizens and property.”

Also released was a letter supporting the curfew from long-time Venice resident Jack Hoffman, who is the past president of the Venice Action Committee and lives in vicinity.

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