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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–28 June 2014

Joe Faust
Ref: SOV comment
The math in the article on alcohol license density is off. Take the given “3-mile radius” gives an area by A=pi r squared to A=3.14x3x3=approx 28 square miles. For the 108 licenses, then that is 108/28= approx.3.8 licenses per square mile; this is quite different from what was in the article.

Heather Kahler
Let’s stand on the corner next to the vagrants with cardboard signs that read
“Will QUIT working and following laws for Rights and your spare change.”

Yolanda Gonzalez
Over 800 petitions from Highland Park and Eagle Rock using car lanes for bikes lanes. I was present at this meeting as a stakeholder in the district.

Jon Nahhas, Boaters Coalition, to Lt. Col. Matthew Salas, US Coast Guard
Ref: Disestablishing special Anchorage in MDR

Thank you for discussing the proposed rule change in disestablishing the special anchorage in Marina del Rey Harbor. While I have provided some of our concerns about the removal of this anchorage over the phone, I would like to present them in writing as well.

The docket summary lists as part of the rationale for removing the anchorage as “marina expansion projects have encroached upon the anchorage.” As I explained, and you confirmed, there was a lack of documentation to indicate that the Coast Guard tried to prevent or even commented on these encroachments as the marina expansion occurred. The MdR Boat Central Project was another instance where the Coast Guard did not comment where the navigation to the waterways in Marina del Rey would be hindered. The Coast Guard did not comment on the recent proposal to relocate the MdR Public Launch Ramp near the main channel. You had stated that the CG would not normally comment on this proposed relocation of the ramp because it was not an actual project. In fact, we have seen an absence of the Coast Guard with respect to a lot of the boating infrastructure projects affecting navigation in our harbor. The boaters, recreational enthusiasts, and residents are in dire need of a meeting with the federal regulatory agencies in the Marina.

Another reason used for the proposed removal of the anchorage was that it was rarely used due to “a high volume of traffic.” While many of our boaters would not use the anchorage for that reason, the larger issue for them would be that it is prohibited by the local agency. Los Angeles County has made it clear through their code and enforcement practices that anchoring inside of the harbor is not allowed. During small craft warnings with high winds and large swells, boaters are allowed to utilize the “guest slips” at Burton Chace Park, depending on availability. The fees of these slips continue to be raised in order to generate more revenue for the County, and with “safe harbor” being a subjective term, the public clearly doesn’t have the protection it needs if the free anchorage during storms, stress, or emergency situations is removed.

Lastly, there may be alternatives for another special anchorage area inside the harbor at Marina del Rey. We ask that prior to considering the removal of safety features like the one being proposed, your agency identify alternatives that would serve and protect the interests of the public.

As I stated to you and your staff, the public did not receive notice of this proposal until very late in the process. There has been no mention of your agency’s proposed removal of the anchorage at any of our local public meetings. Please consider hosting a local meeting with our boaters regarding the anchorage, existing projects, and foreseeable projects affecting navigation in Marina del Rey.

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