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Knabe Says Ramp Stays; Nahhas Says Move was Phony

Don Knabe, County Supervisor for Marina del Rey, stated that he will not move the Public Launch Ramp from Parcel 49 (across from Waterside Shopping Center) to Fisherman’s Village as proposed in the County’s Visioning Statement.

The Small Craft Harbor Commissioners were alarmed at the odd proposal because it would have been dangerous to the boaters and would have blocked views of the harbor off of Fiji Way.

Jon Nahhas, of the Boating Coalition, started inquiring after Commissioners kept asking whose idea it was to relocate the ramp. Nahhas, evoking the California Public Records Act, pushed to get documents from the County regarding the ramp. He received a critical document indicating that the study by Noble Consultants may have started prior to the Visioning Process ever beginning (if proven, public fraud).

County Counsel and the Dept. of Beaches & Harbors are withholding records regarding the service date of the study. A cease and desist letter has been sent to County Counsel.

Gina Natoli, chief planner in the MdR Visioning Process, told the Commission that the MdR Visioning Plan would not go before the California Coastal Commission. Natoli, Supervisor Knabe, and all of the other County officials knew that the proposed relocation of the Public Launch Ramp would need the approval of the Coastal Commission through an amendment to the MdR Local Coastal Plan. Community Leaders had been saying all along that this was a “red herring” — that the County agents were trying to get the public engaged in a controversial plan that they never intended to implement. It was successful in that the majority of the Special Night Meeting 11 June was devoted to the public speaking about the phony relocation plan.

Yesterday, Supervisor Don Knabe posted a statement on his website that “the County listened” and that he “suggested” to Gina Natoli that the Public Launch Ramp should stay in its current location.

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