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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Moses Removes the Trash

a,  Moses

Moses at the beach told Update he was cleaning up Market Street all the time now. The production companies on Market he says give him money. Normally, Moses does not get paid for what he does, nor supposedly does he ask for money. He just does it because he hates trash. He now uses rakes and says they work better than brooms. On one street, guy pays Moses’ helpers in food. If people would just donate the bags, the supplies we need, we would keep their area clean. We don’t want it dirty down here.

a. market l

a.  Market st

Lonely cup sits pointing to graffiti. Pictures show both sides of Market. Only a cup on the sidewalk. Far cry from yesterday. It just goes to show that people just need to take the initiative, and if the answer is Moses, so be it.

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