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CCC to Hear Oxford Basin/Bird Conservation

a. oxford basin

California Coastal Commission (CCC) will hear the Department of Public Works’ (DPW) proposal for the Oxford Retention Basin (Duck Pond) Friday, June 13 at 9 am at the Huntington Beach City Hall, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, 92648.  It will be item 10.b. Contact Matt.Stone@coastal.ca.gov for more information.  Item is as follows:

Application of Los Angeles County DPW to improve flood risk management, water quality, habitat quality, aesthetics, and recreational opportunities in Oxford Basin, including: 1) excavation of 2,900 cu.yds. of sediment; 2) in-kind replacement of 2 tide gates; 3) construct 2-ft. high parapet wall; 4) remove and replace existing vegetation with native vegetation; 5) excavate 6,700 cu.yds. of contaminated sediment; 6) construct circulation berm; 7) replace existing perimeter chain link fence with ornamental aluminum; 8) construct walking trail and 6 observation areas; and 9) install vegetated parkway buffer along Admiralty Way, located in unincorporated Marina del Rey, Los Angeles County. (MS-LB)

Douglas Fay, local environmentalist, said he tried to get hearing set for July to give one time to prepare after receiving the staff report.

Fay is against the “duck pond” being used for any water retention program.  His claim is that it was always a duck pond and was dedicated as a bird sanctuary back in the 1960′s.

Doug Fay claims that building the harbor destroyed habitat and that the Oxford Basin was to be a mitigating feature for habitat.  He wrote:

“The only mitigation identified in the plan to offset the habitat loss was a bird refuge that was to be 800 feet by 2500 feet in size. Eventually the harbor was built and a downsized 300 feet by 900 feet, 10.7 acre Bird Conservation Area was dedicated in 1963.”

Todd A. Cardiff’s letter to the Coastal Commission regarding opposition to the project is provided and explains history in detail.

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