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Claudia Martin Renamed Local Prosecutor


Claudia Martin


Claudia Martin was recently renamed as prosecutor for the West LA and Pacific Divisions’ Neighborhood Prosecutor program by City Attorney Mike Feuer.

“I am the Neighborhood Prosecutor for both Pacific and West Los Angeles Divisions until a new Neighborhood Prosecutor is hired for West Los Angeles Division after the 2014-2015 budget goes into effect,” she wrote.

This year, Claudia Martin prosecuted and obtained a conviction of a boardwalk vendor on Ocean Front Walk and was successful in stopping a marijuana operator from practicing medicine without a license on Ocean Front Walk.

Neighborhood prosecutors work with the community to solve neighborhood problems.

Feuer just recently increased the number of neighborhood prosecutors from 6 to 16 and hopes to increase the program to 21 with the new fiscal budget.

Other prosecutors who were renamed and their areas are:
Raffy Astvasadoorian, West Valley
Verónica de la Cruz-Robles, Olympic
Ayelet Feiman, Mission
Kurt Knecht, Central
Tamara Galatzan, Van Nuys

New prosecutors and areas covered are:
Alvan Arzu, Southwest
Susan Chung, Foothill
Cynthia Gonzalez, Hollenbeck
Lauren Halligan, Harbor Division
Karine Philips, Topanga
Gabrielle Porter Taylor, Northeast
Erika Sandoval, Newton
Jackie Lawson, Hollywood
Bethelwel Wilson, 77th
Mehrnoosh Zahiri, Wilshire

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