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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–17 April 2014

Note: All comments are in reference to Heather Kahler’s comments of 16 April Update.

Dean and Cora Bird
The comments by Heather Kahler are right on the money and express how many of us who have invested our lives into this community feel about the “homeless population”. I came to Venice in 1975 and my husband came here in 1959. Thanks to Heather for speaking up eloquently.

Kari Peck
To Heather Kahler! I applaud you for speaking your mind! WELL SAID!

Craig Bell
How does one tell the difference between the “truly helpless homeless people (veterans, mentally and medically ill, those who have fallen on hard times and WANT to get back on their feet” and the “by choice/dropout” ones? In my experience, if you spend any time speaking with and getting to know “street people,” you learn right away no one is homeless by choice. There is always an economic, medical, psychological, emotional or sociological reason why anyone is homeless.
There are criminal elements among all groups of people, especially ones who live in mansions and are on the boards of directors of large corporations. At least with the homeless, crime is resorted to out of necessity and not pure greed.

What would Jesus do?

According to the Gospels, He would help both the “truly helpless homeless people” and so called “by choice/dropout” ones equally, and He would violently overturn the tables of the moneychangers.

Remember:   Jesus was homeless by choice; and so was the Buddha.


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