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Post Office–A Place to Complain

litter, post officeLinda Lucks, president of Venice Neighborhood Council, read the Update story about the Venice Post Office Annex and its deplorable condition. She wrote an email, and the person she emailed, contacted another which resulted in the following letter from a consumer relations specialist. Now Venice residents have a name, a phone number to contact when the annex looks as bad as it does right now. Also see comments by Carolyn Rios under Comments.

Dear Ms. Lucks,

Thank you for contacting the Postal Regulatory Commission, and sharing your concerns regarding the external appearance of the Venice post office. I regret hearing of your concerns, and appreciate you sharing the details with the Commission.

The Postal Service advises that the District Consumer and Industry Contact offices provide postal customers with a convenient mechanism to facilitate resolution of postal concerns. You may correspond directly with your District Consumer and Industry Contact office at the address below.

United States Postal Service

Office of Consumer and Industry Contact

Natashi Garvins, Manager

7001 S Central Ave, Rm 267-A

Los Angeles, CA 90052-9631

Phone: 323-586-1250 or 323-586-1475

Fax: 323-586-1703

Additionally, the Consumer Advocate of the Postal Service coordinates policy for the District Consumer and Industry Affairs Offices and provides a final avenue within the Postal Service for resolving customer complaints. You may contact the Consumer Advocate by phone at 202.268.2000, or by US mail at Consumer Advocate; US Postal Service; 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Room 4131; Washington DC 20260-5601.

Again, thank you for contacting the Commission. I hope the information provided will be helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, and I will be happy to assist you further.

Deborah Randall
Consumer Relations Specialist
Postal Regulatory Commission
Fax 202-789-6891

Comments (2)

  1. Ken

    do you guys have person working for 323 586 1250?????

    i call that number several times due to problem i have with my shipping and waited for more than 1 hour everytime.

    i got that number from local post office because they said they cant do anything about this.

    so i call that number, and all i got is wasting my valuable time because they put me in hold for hours. literally more than hours!!!!!!! everytime i hear the message saying all representative are currently busy. i called them 9 am several times and got hold for 1 hour 20 mins today. and total hours i waited is added up to 10 hours now.

    are you guys going to change this problem?

    why do you even have that phone number when nobody is answering that line.

    So frustrating.

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