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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Storage Container for Homeless to Start 1 December

Storage Container

Steve Clare, executive director of Venice Community Housing Corporation,  announced at Tuesday’s Venice Neighborhood Council meet that the storage container program for the homeless would start 1 December 2013 and go until 1 March 2014, which is when the shelters close.  Clare said the sites for the container had not been decided but it might go where it was last year at the LAPD substation at the beach or it might be positioned near the tennis courts.  Pickup for the homeless will be Market Street again.

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  1. Angela McGregor

    Anyone who feels, as I do, that the Braude Bike Path and the shoreline are far to precious to spoil with this monstrous, dangerous eyeshore, please sign my petition to our City Councilmember, Mike Bonin: https://www.change.org/petitions/mike-bonin-city-councilmember-11th-district-city-of-los-angeles-oppose-the-homeless-storage-locker-on-venice-beach#share
    The beach belongs to all of us, and for anyone to use for their personal agenda — however egalitarian — without so much as an Environmental Impact Report so that all of us can at least express our concerns, is simply wrong. I, for one, would also like to know if these items are screened to make sure none are dangerous (as in toxic or flammable) or stolen before they’re put in such a public place. Thanks.

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