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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Two Abbot Kinney Projects Take Aim at Traffic Flow, Parking

Developers come to Venice and want to replicate the quaintness of Abbot Kinney, yet these people try the following projects.

812 Main  

One proposed at 812 Main, corner of Abbot Kinney and Main proposes a building 17,655 square feet of general office with a 107-seat restaurant and 56 parking spaces with 9 spaces for 36 bicycles.

According to the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, a building this size should have one space for each 250 square feet of general office and one space for each 50 square feet of restaurant.  Square footage of the restaurant is 1175.  That figures out to be 93 cars plus one must add in the beach impact which figures out to be, they claim, 3.

They will have a 60-seat general office building, 107-seat restaurant that will require 8 to 9 employees. Restaurant will be open from 7 to 1 or 2 am. In addition to this they are to provide 32 spaces to the church across the street on a Sunday morning and a Wednesday evening for several hours each.  You do the math.

They are claiming an 18-car “credit” for some untraceable reason and a 9-car credit for “shared parking” or being “compatible” with a restaurant open from 7 to 1, 2 am and a church that requires 32 spaces twice a week.  They did claim a 9-car credit for bicycles but that was explained later as 56-car spaces plus 9-car spaces for bicycles.

This project has been to LUPC twice. It supposedly will go back. Planning just got it.

Only one person from Venice has opposed the project.

1033 S. Abbot Kinney

The other project is the Abrams Hotel proposed for 1033 S. Abbot Kinney which will include the block from Broadway to Westminster with the exception of the Baptist Church.

They propose 92 rooms, 100-seat restaurant, spa and a few other amenities, 4 stories, and 43 feet high.  With this they will have 172 parking spaces.

According to Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, height in this area is 25 feet high, 30 feet with a pitched roof with a one-foot setback for each foot exceeding 25.  Parking just for the hotel is 2 parking spaces per “dwelling unit,” plus one space for each guest room.  No one knows what the breakdown of square footage is at this point.

This is scheduled for the next Land Use and Planning Committee meeting 2 October from 6:45 to 9 pm at the Oakwood Recreational Center, 767 7th Avenue.

The following are comments by Marta Evry regarding the Hotel

Abrams Hotel

Six years after the community and the LA City Planning Commission turned back the developers of the Ray Hotel project, a 57-room luxury hotel proposed for the corner of Abbot Kinney and Brooks Ave., movie producer Dan Abrams and a consortium of yet-to-be-named investors are proposing an even bigger new hotel project for Abbot Kinney – this one a 92-room mega-development that includes a 100-seat restaurant and luxury day spa and would stretch an entire city block between Broadway and Westminster.


First of all, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If allowed to go through as proposed, the project will break precedent that other developers will be quick to exploit. A Beverly Hills developer recently purchased the property on Abbott Kinney that includes Hal’s and Just Tantau for $20 million and Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the early planning stages to develop his corner property at Main and Abbot Kinney. Already we’ve heard reports he is asking to grandfather in 40 non-existent parking spaces.

Secondly, the traffic generated by Abrams’ hotel will create permanent gridlock on Abbot Kinney, Broadway and Electric as cars, taxis, trash trucks and delivery vehicles cue up to service the hotel and deposit its guests. If you live anywhere near the hotel you can forget about parking in front of your home as inadequate parking forces hotel and restaurant patrons to hunt for street parking in our neighborhoods.

So folks, if you don’t want this to happen, now is the time to step up and make your voice heard. Send an email to the following people. Tell them you’re opposed to the project as planned, and that at a minimum it must conform to the Venice Specific Plan and provide adequate parking for the site’s use.

The project’s address is 1033 S Abbott Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291: It must be included at the top of any correspondence. One can use the same addresses regarding 812 Main Street too.
Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee:

Jake Kaufman, Chair jake.kaufman@venicenc.org
Sarah Dennison, Vice Chair: Sarah.Dennison@venicenc.org
Robert Aronson Robert.Aronson@venicenc.org
Mehrnoosh Mojallali: Mehrnoosh.Mojallali@venicenc.org
James Murez: James.Murez@venicenc.org
Mia Herron: Mia.Herron@venicenc.org
John Reed: John.Reed@venicenc.org
Steve Traeger: Steve.Traeger@venicenc.org

LA City Councilman Mike Bonin – mike.bonin@lacity.org
CD11 Planning Director Tricia Keane – tricia.keane@lacity.org

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