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It’s One Gigantic Salad on Abbot Kinney


It is like walking thru a gigantic salad with chickens—not chicken.  Or maybe it is a bunch of gigantic boxed salads with chickens, and once again—not chicken.

We are talking chickens– egg-producing, cackling, ground-scratching, crowing chickens.  Better known as the loud-mouth bunch from the left or right side of lot depending on where you are standing in this gigantic salad.

After walking around the grounds, one thinks about how one has turned this patch of ground into a charming little oasis of green production and knowledge.

It’s Geri and Steven Miller’s idea of a Home Grown Edible Landscape (HREL). They are the producers of this green raised-bed extravaganza sitting in the heart of Abbot Kinney. Steven says Geri is the brains behind what all gets planted in each one.  She is the genius.



zzzGeri&Steven Miller

Geri was removing soil from one box to prepare it for more potting soil and worm “poop” when we met. Can’t remember the organic word for worm poop but bought some.  (Just hope it doesn’t crawl or reincarnate in house.)  She amends soil twice a year.

Steven explained that “we feed three restaurants on Abbot Kinney—Joe’s, Willie Jane, and Tasting Kitchen.  Then we have beds for “home cooks” people who like fresh vegetables.  Steven said they have these beds all over town.  Most are “home cooks” for people who want fresh vegetables.

They stuff 300 plants into one bed for a restaurant and 200 to 250 plants into a “home cook” one, depending on what types of veggies.  Veggies are planted horizontally and vertically.

It is a charming place to shop and purchase.  Right now they are constructing a Garden Shop in back that has soaps and is set to carry other items.  They have flower flats, amendments, and I am sure will carry whatever is needed for your garden.

If you want your own “home cook” system, talk to this couple.



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