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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–10 August 2013

Gary H of Ocean Front Walk …Thanks for attending the meeting.  I feel that we need to hear action items that result from OFW task force meetings.  I feel like we go there and give the city the solutions, but the solutions are never implemented and it is almost a waste of time.

Marilyn R of walk streets, north of Washington …I completely agree with your opinion of OFW.  Besides the tragedy of last week, all of this i.e. homeless people, drug addicts, drunks, etc. spill onto our streets. The City/County must make a lot of money off of these establishments; why else do they allow them? The residents don’t want them, but who listens to us? We didn’t want the Zip line, we don’t want more drunken bars, and the powers that be pay no attention to any of us.  I’d like to see where they live. Maybe they would like dozens of medical? Marijuana establishments in their neighborhood, or loud bars whose patrons pee on our walls, or pass out on our streets.

Now we have a bus that takes people to all the bars.  What’s this all about? We now have e-cigarettes that you can fill with marijuana; that’s the new thing that we have going on.
I’m fed up and no longer get involved, but we’ve got to do something.  I’ve lived in Venice for 37 years.  Why do I stay you ask? I love Venice, but it’s getting out of hand.

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