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Update Opinion… City, County Needs To Take New Tact for OFW, Venice Beach Park

Update’s opinion is that drugs, medicinal or not, and all their paraphernalia should be banned from the OFW.  This is and should be a “peoples” beach, a “family” beach, a “tourist” destination for all to enjoy.  Not a destination for any and all to get ‘high’ or procure the means to do such.

It also should not be a place to display homeless people.  It is sad to see the contrast of people having fun with their families while others are sleeping with their belongings in the park areas.   It is almost like a County/City homeless exhibit.  Find other, more appropriate, more comfortable places for the homeless rather than the grassy areas of this prime family park.  Don’t do this to the homeless.  They have enough problems.

The OFW is filled with medicinal marijuana shops and their green men jumping out at walkers.  It is filled with the paraphernalia used to smoke this meth and the marijuana.  Re-zone these establishments out.  Give them a short time to relocate.  It is just not working for area. Think about what they attract. It is a big public safety issue.

This is a City/County run establishment.  Allowing such is an endorsement.   Stop it!

Get Ocean Front Walk/Venice Beach Park healthy.

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