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OFW Task Force Meets; Addresses Recent OFW Fatality

OFW Task Force, internet

OFW Task Force,internet2

In light of the auto fatality on Ocean Front Walk (OFW) Saturday and all the news stories and thoughts regarding such, Update decided to attend the Ocean Front Task Force Meeting to hear their thoughts, their ideas. These members representing various groups are the ones who live with the “craziness” of OFW daily.

The task force, which meets once a month, is composed of representatives from City Department of Recreation and Parks, County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Venice Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, merchants, vendors and residents and conducted by Cecilia Castillo of Councilman Mike Bonin’s office.

Councilman Mike Bonin had proposed a committee of several departments to come up with an idea to keep people from entering OFW in a vehicle and mentioned bollards, retractable bollards, signs etc.

So what did these people who live, work on OFW have to say regarding solutions. Not one mentioned bollards as a solution. These are some of the ideas members had.

  • One person mentioned that Google should be contacted to change the maps that show OFW as a street. Streets imply driving autos. (How did that one get missed?)
  • Signs. Put signs there saying one cannot enter, no left, no right turn etc.
  • Eliminate what invites these homeless people to Venice in general and OFW in particular.
  • Deal with people on methamphetamines. “This guy driving that car was on meth,” claimed one merchant. “All violence on the boardwalk is a result of “meth” users,” he said.
  • One said more police are needed. Police representative listed the number of police on duty from 5 am and on and the increase at certain hours etc.
  • One merchant suggested having someone stationed at certain areas or spaces. People, would not necessarily be police, but neighborhood watch people, information people … maybe information booths. People spaced properly to provide information of impending problems, reporting problems, notifying the police etc.
  • One man said let’s just not talk about these things, let’s get a plan and get some of these things done.

No one mentioned more cameras and lights

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