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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Tragedy Strikes OFW Boardwalk

Ocean Front Walk (OFW) at Dudley early this morning was calm and orderly compared to the tragedy of yesterday.

Yesterday at about 6 pm, a car entered the busy, OFW boardwalk at Dudley and drove down the boardwalk, killing one and injuring many until he exited at Sunset. A suspect is in custody.  He turned himself in.  See LA Times story.

This morning vendors were cleaning up the area, police were removing yellow tape, TV trucks were stationed at Dudley and Sunset, and cameras were set up at Dudley for TV anchors to broadcast the latest news.

Bob a vendor there this morning was cleaning up the area and getting ready for another day of selling on OFW.  He said car entered from Dudley did S-swerves driving to Sunset where he exited.  At one point driver stopped briefly, or braked, to get girl off the hood of his car.

“It was the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen,” said Bob.  “It was terrible.”

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