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Parkways Might Be Cited

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Parkway is on Yale and designed by Anita Robertson.

Our parkways in front of our houses have become targets of the City for those who plant things other than grass.  Parkway is that area in front of a house between the sidewalk and the street.  See Steve Lopez’s column, 31 July.  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-0731-lopez-gardencops-20130731,0,5680891.column

Theoretically, if one owns a house, he owns from the middle of the street to the middle of the alley, if there is one.  The sidewalk, parkway, and middle of the street and alley become the responsibility of the City via easements, I guess.

In recent years it has become questionable whether the City is responsible, liable for the sidewalk.  That has not been settled.  Theoretically, you cannot plant a tree in the parkway without a permit from City.  If you have planted a tree and have not been told to remove it, after five years that tree belongs to the City and they are responsible.  You could be cited if you do not plant a city-approved specimen in addition to planting a tree without approval.

“Years ago I planted my parkway,” said Reta Moser. “I may have been the first in area. The head of the Thatcher Maintenance Yard called me in to his office.  He said someone had reported me and that I should be cited.  “I said that is fine.  I said if the City wants to mow that patch of land, fine.  Otherwise, I like it the way I have fixed it as do the butterflies, the humming birds, the birds.  I told him that I thought all should be beautifying that uneventful piece of land.   I was never cited and the parkways in Triangle since have become showcases.

“I question the use of roses—thorns, and cactus—thorns, and some of the pointed types of shrubbery.  I am not a proponent of planting vegetables either.   Property at northeast corner of Thatcher and Berkeley before escrow closed was cited for some red, thorny plant.  It was a plant that was deemed by City as illegal to plant in parkways.  It was removed and put inside property.  Then one saw the same plant planted in medium on Admiralty Way. (Since removed but only recently.)

So you may be cited.

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