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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–27 July 2013

Josh L of Carter …
We have made recent investments in front of our house to beautify Carter Ave. I know a few other residents have as well. We hope the businesses will step up too so we can improve the overall aesthetic, control stray trash buildup on the street, and reduce homeless loitering. Paint and trees are a great first step. We have several other ideas that we’d like to discuss.

Heather K of Thatcher …
Digital billboards are beyond distracting. For parents driving or walking with children they often depict violent and scary or sexually loaded advertisements for R rated movies that are either horrific and bloody in nature or sexually suggestive.

Unlike TV or Radio, you CANNOT turn it off. I sat at the light at Lincoln and Washington once with an image of a horror movie ad popping up. My child cried and was scared. If there are billboards of ANY kind, they should depict images of ads that are at least PG and appropriate for all audiences. I am often offended on behalf of young children. And the strip club billboards that my daughter and other children have glaring in her face as we walk to school or drive somewhere???? Really necessary? Does no one think it’s just gross? Any parents like answering their daughter’s questions as to what “LIVE NUDE GIRLS!” could possibly be for? They are disgusting and offensive and passersby have no choice as they go to and fro but to have them in plain unavoidable sight.

The commerce issue is fine. I get that these companies want to advertise. But where is the line of decency? Community? Care for those who pay property taxes here for decades only to be powerless in spite of those tax dollars to have pot shops and strip club billboards on every other corner, and digital billboards with the ability to offend in cycles of four to five images repeated at a simple stoplight. Don’t put intrusive, inappropriately sexual or horrific movie and violent images on digital billboards OR traditional ones.

The digital bill boards do not belong. They give a trash feel to neighborhoods where families live as they glare on and off all night.

I am about to build a balcony and master bedroom on my tiny house that I’ve lived in for thirty years. Do I want to be blared at by a billboard, let alone a digital one, with the capacity to blast inappropriate and obnoxious ads at us all night? And day? Does anyone? Do those billboards even encourage me to buy or see the items advertised? Not a chance.

This is NOT Las Vegas.

The light glare for contact lens wearers, who are already dealing with street light & headlight glare, is bad. It could be a safety issue.

There is no line anymore. No concern, especially for the quality of life in our city and community, especially on behalf of the little kids. As usual, the all mighty dollar and selfish attitudes always win. The people who truly care about their community and live in it get trampled over and over again.

Cheri N of Berkeley Drive …
A young man was found dead in an Ocean Front bathroom at Brooks this week. He supposedly died of an overdose.
Regarding death of 20-year-old in bathroom at Ocean Front. So many people thought this young man was sleeping there and not dead. Homeless come and go and sleep on the streets here all the time. At the time this young man died, there was a movie being filmed at speedway a few feet away and with all the excitement of people coming and going no one paid attention to this poor soul.

I don’t know his name or where he was from, but he was someone’s child. To end up in the bathroom of this town and die there alone with hundreds of other people around you is just crazy!
Where is the love?

Rick F of Rose Ave …
Open letter to Arnold Springer regarding recent LUPC meet comments, Triangle Update, 25 July.
A big RIGHT ON for you. I can’t even go to these meetings anymore because they are so frustrating. The VNC only gets its hands untied on issues that have little impact or involve some sort of inconsequential gesture that appears to help the transient population. They do not EVER address the issues that Venice needs to become cleaner and safer. Mountains of trash, broken curbs, cracked and failing street pavement, deplorable alley conditions (even in the now new ‘groovy” hipster hangouts…), and of course, parking.

This was what the NC were supposed to do. Instead they have become political mouthpieces and ours seems to be obsessed with making life more comfortable for people passing through, instead of actual stakeholders.

As a former and founding board member, I find what it has become is a sham… a way to let residents THINK that they have some input, while only REALLY allowing them to vent to no avail.

Just to look at the way that they handled the OPD issue was disgusting… I had mixed feelings about it and was not even sure that I wanted it on my street (PPDs are a completely other story – the lack of restaurant parking on Rose is CRIMINAL!) but the VNC should have been objective in their approach, rather than what they did…

Venice and the whole NC system will not stand a chance until our present leadership changes and lets the people reconstruct what is left in the spirit of the late Tisha Bedrosian…. Building Community and working to make Venice work better for visitors, residents and the business community. Fair, balanced and objective, but with enough juice with the CD11 office and downtown to get things accomplished and enforced.

Chris W of Penmar Park area …
Ref: This note was emailed to residents by the Senior Lead Officer Drake Madison
During the early morning hours of July 23rd, (2) burglaries occurred. One was in the 1000 block of Victoria Ave and the other occurred in the 1100 block of Victoria Ave. Both burglaries were committed while the residents were at home. These types of burglaries are known as “Hot Prowl” burglaries. No one was hurt during the commission of these crimes, but items were taken. Please remember to lock your doors at night, even if the weather is warm. Lock all side gates that lead to your backyard as well. Report all suspicious activity and suspicious persons in your neighborhood, even when leaving for work in the early morning hours. I will be meeting with detectives in order to gather any further information. I will also ensure that our night patrol provides extra patrol to the area affected.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to form individual neighborhood watch groups, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Drake Madison
Senior Lead Officer
LAPD Pacific Division

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