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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Ya’ll Come, Bring Dogs

Gate-internet, email

Jefferson-Marina apartment complex, owned by UDR, is having an open house apparently for single-family home owners and other C4-OX residents walking by.  They obviously have an open-door policy as shown here on the Thatcher pedestrian fire gate. Great, grassy area to walk your dogs.

Safety Feature, Nuisance

Fire gate is now open daily.  Jefferson Marina has every other outlet/inlet key coded.  Perhaps, their insurance company is not aware of this safety negligence.   It is no wonder 3200 Carter, which is Jefferson Marina, is one of the number one, if not the number one, listed property for crime in the Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division area.

Having a back gate open is a clear-cut safety hazard for the 317-unit residents and for the sixteen homes abutting the property.

Jefferson Marina management has been told many times about the open door but has ignored such.   Members of the Triangle have offered to pay for batteries for the battery-operated alarm system that never operates and to maintain it.

Similar Situation, Marina Point, now Westerly

Years ago, Marina Point apartments had a similar situation in their rear entrance, exit on Princeton.  It was unprotected.  One could walk in from the exit door on Princeton and go to the front office unobstructed.  It was brought to their attention several times.

Then a vicious rape occurred.  A gate, which is more than eight feet high, was installed.  Note the left and right sides how they have a prong missing, been bent thru the years.

Gate to Westerly Apartments


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