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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Mural Ordinance Postponed

Note:Information is from Barbara Broide, activist and president of Westwood, south of Santa Monica Blvd, homeowners association.

Mural ordinance was postponed until July and exact date is unknown at this time.

ACTIONS ARE NEEDED TO OPPOSE THE ORDINANCE AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN.  Oppose this ordinance that allows murals to be placed on R1 (and all low density residential properties).

request the return of the exemption for R1 and/or

–request the return of the exemption for R1 and all low density residential properties                            (per Planning Dept. staff report/recommendations)

–request it return to PLUM for further work.  (Would Council adopt the provisions

related to commercial properties and return it to PLUM for further review on

residential housing?)

The City’s proposed MURAL ORDINANCE is expected to go to the full City Council for its consideration in July.  Email your councilman who will be Mike Bonin as of 1 July.  His email is MikeBonin@lacity.org.


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