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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–19 June 2013

Yolanda G of Venice Blvd …Just a little correction. It is the Winward School. What a beautiful campus. I personally had a nice chat with Kevin Newman the director of the school.

It was a beautiful day and for so many people to have shown up like this especially on a Saturday.  Goes to show how so many are disgusted how our city is being run. I sat with a group from the west side and the valley and it was amazing how so many were coming up with so many good ideas. I hope this new administration really looks into the financial state our city of Los Angeles is in. Mr. Garcetti has to really mend unfinish business and I hope Mr Halpern,  our new controller, requests an independent audit to look into the financial situation we are in. The city cannot legally audit itself. While on the eastside they haven’t taken their seats as District Representatives and they are already fighting for the Governor’s seat and the 14th district seat to lock in a Latino candidate. How disgusting and embarrassing as a Latina our elected representatives’ egos are out of control. Wake up my American friends.

Becky and Ryan W of Dickson …Please let everyone know we’re hosting a neighborhood brunch at our house this Saturday 6/22 from 10am to 12pm.  904 Dickson St.

All neighbors are welcome and invited to bring a delicious dish to share.  Kids are welcome, as always.

Reta M of Triangle …Keep getting messages that people are not getting Updates.  Make sure Update has your correct email address and the one you read.  Clairvoyant button is broken.  Check your spam folder and move Triangle Update to Inbox.  More than one Update goes out each week.  Sooooo.

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