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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–16 June 2013–All in Reference to No OPD

Julie J of Harbor Crossing …Well, if unanimous won….. no way to overthrow that big a group.   I like access to the beach but feel we need something to keep the motorhomes, trailers, vans who live in their vehicles out.   And limit the homeless and criminals who destroy the area with graffiti, trash and human waste.   The people who live here can’t get exempt or stickers on their cars.

If this group thought about it, yes, they want to make the area accessible???….But, to whom??  For the citizens who live, contribute to the community and pay taxes here??? Or to make it accessible to tourists, gangs, homeless and criminals who do not respect our Venice/MDR and properties?  They come here because they know that more and more it is becoming an activist haven that supports their agenda!!!

Check the crime records, increased robberies, constant graffiti, increased trash in the last few years as more of these undesirable groups come in but maybe other sane people in the community will come forward and get involved before Venice destroys itself?    Help!   We need a preferred parking plan if we can’t have an overnight parking district.

Celeste C of North of Rose group …So so so disappointing.

Chris W of Penmar Park area …Wasn’t this vote to settle the lawsuit the City and Venice Stakeholders placed against Coastal?  When I heard ‘staff’ at Coastal had said it would pass, I had to laugh. Sorry, but how many times have we heard from ‘staff’ that Coastal would pass something over the years,  and then they don’t?   Either the staff at coastal doesn’t know a thing, or  they are full of it. They CCC was just doing what they do best, obstruction.  In any case the CCC or their staff cannot be trusted.    The CCC seems determined to go back to court and why not, it’s not their money.  They don’t give a damn; they use our taxpayer money against us.

Heather K of Thatcher …How does Santa Monica get away with it? Parking we can’t park in. Dog parks we can’t go to, restrictions on signs and billboards to avoid obnoxious advertisements.   More resources for public schools. I know they are their own city but I would imagine coastal commission has some oversize with them as well?

Comment:  It is my understanding the City sued the CCC.

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