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Mural Ordinance Excludes No One; Your Neighbor Could Sport a Mural

Note:  Information is provided by Barbara Broide, activist and president of Westwood, south of Santa Monica Blvd, homeowners association.

Mural ordinance was changed and now includes duplexes and single family homes.  This ordinance is scheduled to go before the City Council 19 June for approval.

The mural ordinance was changed at a planning meeting, and as it stands today, will allow all properties, including single family residences, to have a mural.  Originally, it excluded fewer than five units on a site.   Then it excluded only R-2 and R-1—duplexes and single-family homes.  Now it excludes nothing.

Contact Councilman Bill Rosendahl, at Bill.Rosendahl@lacity.org and attend the 19 June City Council meeting.

“If adopted as proposed,” according to Barbara Broide, “the ordinance will have a tremendous impact on the character of residential neighborhoods.  While the ordinance includes a provision that requires those planning to install an art mural on their property to do community outreach, there is no requirement to respond to, act upon, or implement comments received from neighbors or the community.

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