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Duck Pond Open House Response

By Nancy Poertner
NOTE: Duck Pond is an integral part of the west part of the Triangle and is most important to the neighbors on the north, the Silver Triangle.  Many years ago before proper drainage,  they were under water when the duck pond overflowed during every rainy season.  Nancy lives next to the duck pond and is greatly concerned with what is going to take place behind her house.The meeting was not set up as a Q&A, but rather an Open House Q&A. Since we were all spread out when asking questions, it would be hard for me to say what the over-all concerns were from those who attended.  I can tell you this; we have no interest in a public toilet being installed behind our house, or any installation which represents a destination area. i.e. park bench, picnic table. There was some reference to this type of installation from the design team (not toilet) at the Gateway Area, which would fall directly behind the first three houses on Oxford.

Issues we plan to address via email are:
Height of fence surrounding the project.  In our opinion it is way too low and will do nothing to stop people (transients) from going into the area and camping.  From listening to a few neighbors I understand that the current high chain link fence was installed specifically because intrusion into this space was a big problem in the past.  The abandonment of animals in this space in the past is especially disturbing to me.  We are concerned it will become a collection area for garbage as well.  It is not unusual to see bottles and trash on the inside of the fence line, and that is with some effort to get over the current fence.  We have not found a satisfactory answer as to what the maintenance budget is for the grounds of this project.

Removal of 400 trees to be replanted by 650 indigenous trees and shrubs.  My concern with this is that the current trees create a sound barrier from the constant stream of noise coming off of Admiralty Way.  If trees are removed, and not replaced on a 1:1 ration, it is going to be very loud! I spoke with the Biologist on site about this specifically and he could not answer the question as to the number of trees v shrubs. I plan to address this concern in my comments.

As far as the integrity of the retention basin goes and it functionality, one member of the audience asked if this model has been tried in the past with success and the response was there is no model to compare this to. I wish I had a better background for evaluating this, but I don’t.

Hopefully some of the other neighbors who attended will have feedback for you as well.

Project website is: http://dpw.lacounty.gov/go/oxford
Project Engineer is Josh Svensson 626-458-7157; jsvensson@dpw.lacounty.gov

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