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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments–5 June 2013

Jody Eldred of Santa Clarita …
Ref:  His previous post was erroneously posted.  Update apologizes.
I still have many friends in the Oxford Triangle and my remarks were not intended to be posted. I do not know Heather Kahler and was certainly not referring to her when I mentioned “mean-spirited persons”. (There are plenty of those around whom we all know.) Sorry for any offense. Not intended.

Peter Griswold of Oxford …
I think autos should park along the duck pond when at daytime and parking is hard to find.
How about 24 hour signs forbidding vehicles over 20 feet long or over 7 feet high?

There will soon be a senior housing building to replace the parking lot next to the hotel remodel.
There might soon be a public walkway and gardens around the duck pond.

Kari Peck of Oxford …
Thank you to Peter Griswald for his good neighborhood concern! It’s greatly appreciated!

Nancy Poertner of Oxford …
Clipped half my tree with his truck and then just sits there- ugh so tired if this!



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