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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

BevMo West Los Angeles; Proposed for MDR on Lincoln

BevMo Ready (2)

BevMo in West Los Angeles.  Store shown is 30 percent larger than one proposed for Marina del Rey.

Inside Store ready

Wine Tasting ready
Tasting area

BevMo proposes to build a new 4552-square-foot building on the 12,569 square foot lot at 4214 Lincoln Blvd.

They are an upscale liquor warehouse, according to consumers.  Their single bottle beers are “upscale” beers according to one clerk.  They reserve a small area (100 feet) for wine tasting.  Their proposed operation is 9 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

BevMo  stands for “beverage and more,” according to the wine tasting host and a wine taster at the West Los Angeles BevMo store on Santa Monica Blvd between Westwood and Sepulveda.  More means they sell cheeses and other things.

BevMo claims the only deviation is a conditional use permit for the sale of on-site and off-site liquor.  It is questionable if two 2×6 bike spaces will qualify for 1.2 parking spaces.

They will need 18.2 parking spaces according to code. And, of course, numbers are rounded off.  Their parking spaces are broken down as 9 standard spaces, 7 compact spaces, 1 handicap, and two bicycle spaces measuring 2×6 feet.

A standard parking space measures 8.6 feet by 18.  That figures to be 17 car spaces to fit the 18.2 requirement.  It is questionable if two bike spaces 2×6  qualify for 1.2 parking spaces.  Application says they have 19 spaces because they are counting the two bike spaces.

The 4552 square feet is allocated as such:  3361 for sales; 100 for wine tasting; 410 for back-room storage 143 for restroom, and 268 for cooler space, which comes to 4282.

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