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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VSA Flyer Removal; Heated Measure

Overnight parking district is a hot issue.  Opposition has been offered opportunity to post their thoughts in Update.  Many are too busy to do such.  Offer still stands.

Meanwhile–Last Update it was reported that someone removed VSA flyers from houses on Ocean Ave and it was further stated by one who saw person that the person was affiliated with the Friday morning Farmer’s Market.

First of all it would not/should not be a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council.  Members take ethics training and Update assumes it would be automatic removal from office.  So it would have to be someone “hanging” around or a volunteer.  One name has been bantered around.  Update has contacted individual to see if it was he.

Since that time Update has received a photo of a person removing a NOPD sign from the Venice Beachhead booth Spring Fling.  Photo shows back of the individual with poster in hand walking down the street.  Update knows this supposed person and is sure that if he knew picture would be published with his hand holding the poster, he would have turned around, waved, smiled, and done the Rocky dance.

Update’s offer to vent some of the feelings against OPD still stands.

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