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Doug Fay Responds to Duck Pond Plan

Note: Doug Fay, is the son of Dr. Rimmon Fay, a marine environmentalist.  Dr. Fay received a degree in biochemistry and did post doctoral studies in chemical oceanography at UCLA. He was instrumental in the elimination of DDT dumping off Palos Verdes.  He helped draft the California Coastal Plan, which was the basis for the law that governs the CCC.   Fay was a coastal commissioner for six years until, according to LA Times, “complaints to Sacramento about his uncompromising anti-growth attitude and open outrage about damaging coastal wetlands and beachfront got him fired.  He was replaced by a developer.” He was part of the group that launched Heal the Bay.  The accomplishments go on and on.

These are Doug Fay’s comments regarding the mitigated negative declaration.

From what I and others have read in the MND and researched, the Oxford Basin project MND is not only poorly written, internally inconsistent, and significantly inadequate, it is not in the best interest of wildlife or local residents, that is, unless you want more park space and nearly lifeless water to stare at.

They aren’t sure how they will remove the Class 1 hazardous waste and have not identified pollution sources.  They plan on building a concrete wall along Washington to prevent flooding and want to build the fence along the basin, which will ultimately remove all terrestrial habitat value.

If you haven’t noticed, the original flood control project was for the neighborhood and has since been closed off. The new storm drain system at Washington imports runoff.

This is/was a dedicated bird conservation area that has been destroyed by the people responsible to protect it. The County wants to manage this property as a flood (pollution) control basin in perpetuity. They want to do the same to the Ballona Wetlands by opening the wetlands to the flood control channel, also calling it a restoration.

We will be demanding a full EIR and possibly more for the Oxford Basin in writing and at the Burton Chase Park meeting. Please attend and participate.

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